crockpot dog food


If you haven’t taken the plunge to making homemade dog food for your furry friend, don’t worry – we get you. You’re probably strapped for time as it is and if you’re still getting the hang of this adulting thing you may not even be great about making homemade dinner for yourself, let alone your fur-pup. But, making homemade dog food can not only be easy, but it can be more affordable and healthier for your fur-pup. And if you’ve dabbled around with crockpot recipes for your human food, you know how easy they make cooking! You can prep all of the ingredients, set the crockpot timer and go about your day until it’s done. That’s why we love it and want to share some of our favorite easy homemade dog food crockpot recipes with you. But you should know – once you’re dog gets the taste of this little…