Collars and Leashes


Congratulations on becoming a dog mom! It’s an admirable feat that comes with lots of puppy snuggles, puppy breath and possibly sleepless nights in the first few weeks. But don’t worry, it all gets better. Plus, it goes without saying that your puppy’s cute little face is totally worth it! We want to help you be the best new dog mom you can be, so we’ve compiled our top 9 must have items you need before getting a puppy so you can start your new fur-mom life off on the right foot. 1. Folding Metal Dog Crate For Any Sized Dog First and foremost, your new little fur-baby will need a safe space to call their own. This is especially important in the early weeks while they’re still being potty-trained and dealing with the separation from their parents. Learning how not to use a crate when training your puppy is…