What dog mom doesn’t want to save on some cash? If you’re a seasoned dog mom, you know it can get expensive buying all the things for your fur-baby. So we wanted to compile our best money saving tips for dog moms like you to start saving that dough!

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1. Bathe Your Dog at Home

It’s tempting to want to skip the hassle and have your dog bathed and groomed at a pet spa, but that can come with a hefty price tag. We’d recommend bathing your dog at home to help save on some cash, which you can save for those yearly vet visits instead. Plus, bathing your dog at home can be easy and quick with these tricks to keep your dog occupied during bath time!

Make sure you’re prepared with these essential items to make it a stress-free time:

2. Make Your Own Dog Treats

There are a ton of online recipes for how to make your dog some tasty, healthy, homemade dog treats. Plus, most of these ingredients can already be found in your fridge or pantry, making it far more cost-effective than those treats you buy at the grocery store or pet market that rarely fall under $10 a pop. For dog moms on a budget, this is a huge win.

If you make your own dog treats at home, you can often make more and have them last longer than the treats you’d buy in the store anyway. Of course, since you’re making these tasty dog treats on your own, you know what you’re putting in them and can make healthier decisions for your own pup. Which is especially important because you know you’re dog best!

Take a look at these quick and easy homemade dog treats that you can make:

3. Trim your dogs nails at home

If you’re a dog mom like me that dreads the thought of hurting your pup if you cut their nails wrong or too close to their nail bed, it can be tempting to want to pay someone to do this. But for dog moms on a budget, this is a place where you can save some cash.

In order to do this right though, you need to make sure you have the right technique and tools prepared so you can do this the right way for your pup. 

If you’re worried about not trimming your dog’s nails correctly, here are some helpful videos you can watch beforehand to make sure you do it correctly:

Also, make sure you are prepared with the best dog nail trimmers that help guide you to cut their nails the right length, these are the best and more affordable dog nail trimmers:

If you’re not ready to try your hand at clipping your dog’s nails, you can try out a nail dremel that will grind your dog’s nails down so you don’t have to worry about clipping them too short. It’s a little more pricey, but it will last you a long time and save you the worry of not clipping your dog’s nails correctly.

4. Make a DIY Dog Bed

Dog beds can be an investment. Not to mention your dog or puppy may see it as a fun toy to rip the stuffing out of, making that money you just spent go *poof*

With dog beds running anywhere between $30 – $100 dollars, you can save a wad of money by making a DIY dog bed for your pup.

Not only does it make for a fun project, but you are in full control of the color, fabric, shape, size, and style. If you really want to save on cash, you can re-purpose old t-shirts or clothes you no longer wear to serve as the fabric. Not to mention, no other dog will have the same bed as your pup if you make it yourself. And how neat is that?!

Take a look at these how-to article to get started making your own DIY dog bed:

5. Make DIY Dog Toys at Home

Every dog mom knows what it’s like to spend $10-$15 on a new toy for your pup, only to have it torn to shreds within 15 minutes of giving it to your dog. It can feel defeating to have that money up and gone within minutes.

If you’re wanting to save money on toys and get a little crafty, there are so many ways you can create DIY dog toys at home with things you already have. With two simple materials you have around your home, you can make this t-shirt wrapped water bottle toy within a few minutes. Plus, you won’t feel bad if it’s torn to shreds within a few minutes – you can easily make another one!

You can also swap the water bottle for a tennis ball to make a great toy for playing fetch.

If your looking to keep your dog occupied with a puzzle toy, you can easily make a treat puzzle toy with a tennis ball and small dog treats.

Got a few t-shirts you want to repurpose for a dog toy? This DIY braided t-shirt toy makes the perfect throwable toy that’s easy, quick and free to make if you’re using old shirts!

6. Schedule Regular Vet Check Ups

Being a dog mom that has spent her fair share of savings on expensive medical costs for my dog – I cannot stress this tip enough.

Vet exams are important not only for your pet’s well-being, but also to help avoid any really expensive medical costs that may happen in the future. The purpose of regular vet exams for your dog is to uncover any medical issues early, saving money in your pocket in the future.

You should take your dog in for a regular visit at least once every year. If you’re wondering when and how to setup regular check-in visits with your vet clinic, take a look at these best practices for scheduling vet appointments so you can be in the know ahead of time.

7. Find Affordable Pet Insurance

Again, being a dog mom that has spent unplanned funds on emergency medical situations for my dog – I highly recommend you look into pet insurance from the start. It can seem costly for a new dog mom, but trust me it’ll save you money in the long run.

Especially if an accident happens and you have to pay for an emergency visit and surgery. This happened with my pup and it ended up costing me around $3,500 out of pocket. Not fun.

Take a look at these reasons why pet insurance is so important and can help save you money long term. You never want to be put in a situation where you have to choose between expensive out-of-pocket costs or your pet’s health.

8. Repurpose Old Clothes for Cute Dog Accessories

That old jean jacket you no longer wear? Cut off the sleeves and turn it into a cute jean vest for your pup to look super stylish. Or that old graphic tee that’s so cute, but you never wear it? Cut it down and tie it into an adorable bandana so your dog can look extra trendy. There are so many money saving tips for dog moms to save on accessories – so think before you splurge on those items.

9. Make Homemade Dog Food

There quite a few money saving tips for dog moms, but this one is key. As you may already know, buying dog food on the regular can get pretty expensive. Especially if you want your dog to have healthy, nutritious options. The typical dog food brands don’t cut it these days. If you have the extra time, making homemade dog food can be an easy hack for dog moms on a budget.

Check out these awesome homemade dog food recipes to get you started:

10. Buy Pet Meds Online

If you’ve every walked out of a vet clinic or pet hospital gasping at the bill for a few meds, let that be the last time. Pet meds at clinics and vet hospitals are expensive, that’s how they make extra money. Luckily, another money saving tip for dog moms is that you can buy these pet meds online at a lower cost! So next time your vet tries to send you home with medication for your dog, you can politely let them know you’ll purchase it online.

11. Rover vs. Expensive Boarding

Going on a vacation and can’t take your pup? Boarding your dog may be the first to come to mind. However, it can be expensive and they may charge extra fees just to walk or play with your dog throughout the day. Unfortunately, the cheapest options for dog boarding leave your pup caged most of the day and only let outside for bathroom breaks.

If you’re a dog mom that wants more for your pup – don’t settle for an expensive dog boarding facility. This is another key one of our money saving tips for dog moms because it saves you cash over the long-haul.

We recommend you check out an app like Rover.com. Rover provides you with people in your area who will dog sit for you for typically a lower rate than a boarding facility. Make sure you find a dog sitter with plenty of good reviews. You should also take the time to chat with your dog sitter for a period of time before you leave on your trip so you can be sure your dog is left in good hands.


These are our top money saving tips for dog moms that will not only save you money now, but long term as well. If you have any money saving tips you’d like to share, we’d love to hear them in the comments!


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