Say goodbye to the not-so-stylish plastic or wire dog kennels that just aren’t aesthetically pleasing to have in your home and hello to these luxury dog kennels and crates that you can find on Amazon! These indoor dog kennels are coined as “luxury” because not only do they look like a piece of furniture that fits in with the rest of your decor, they’re spacious, comfortable and most even double as an end table.

If you’re a dog mom who’s known to spoil your dog just a bit, it may be time to splurge – so we’ve pulled together the best indoor luxury dog kennels and crates that you can find on Amazon today. Get ready to tell your pup that they’ve been upgraded to a kennel suite once you have one of these in your home!

What is a Luxury Dog Kennel?

A luxury dog kennel is a big step above the standard wire framed crate or plastic crate that isn’t so pleasing to the eye. These indoor dog crates are multi-functional, meaning they’re not just a cozy crate to hold your pup, they also serve as a decorative piece of furniture such as an end table, side table or night stand.

They’re extremely durable as they’re often made of wood. Not only that, they’re made to fit the design aesthetic of your home so you can find the type that suits you best. Depending in your home decor taste, you can find them in multiple colors, finishes and styles!

Along with their design appeal, these luxury dog crates are the epitome of comfort for your pup. They’re more spacious than a standard crate and most come with a padded cushion that serves as a bed. They’re also equipped with an access entry door that that securely locks so your dog can’t find a way to easily escape.

How We Chose the Top Rated Indoor Luxury Dog Crates

You might wonder how we determined these crates to be the top rated dog kennels out of all the different styles and selections available on Amazon. We used the following list of criteria to make sure we provided the best recommendation to you dog moms:

  • 3.5 or above star rating
  • A minimum of 50 reviews
  • Quality design aesthetic
  • Comfort & luxury for your pup
  • Durability for long-lasting use

Now that you know what research was involved in creating our list, take a look at our top recommendations below for the best indoor dog kennel to make you and your pup swoon.

Our Top Rated Finds for Luxury Dog Kennels on Amazon

Wood & Wire Dog Luxury Dog Kennel with Cushion

4.2 Star Rating out of 119 Ratings (as of article date)

This elegantly designed luxury dog crate comes in both crisp white and espresso finished wood color. It functions not only as a dog kennel, but can also be used as an end table or night stand so you can have your pup close to you at all times. With it’s wooden structure and metal wire panels, this dog kennel is durable and securely locks to keep your dog safely kenneled and your home free from destruction when you’re away. It has not just one but two entry access doors for easy accessibility to lock your dog in or let them free when you’re home.

Casual Home Wooden End Table Dog Crate

4 Star Rating out of 645 Ratings (as of article date)

This trendy, luxury dog crate is one of the most popular on Amazon and comes in three color variations including black, espresso and taupe gray. It comes in not just one, but four different sizes so you can find the perfect fit size for your pup to have a spacious and comfortable new home. With its strong wooden design, this indoor dog kennel was creative for durability and longevity. The best part is that it doubles as an end table that can fit in seamlessly with all of the other furniture throughout your home! Not to mention, if you’re not a dog mom who’s too savvy with tools, this dog crate has light and easy assembly so you can put it together without problems.

Merry Pet 2-in-1 Configurable Pet Crate and Gate

4.4 Star Rating out of 260 Ratings (as of article date)

If you want the convenience of gating your dog in an area of your home OR putting them in a kennel when that’s easier, this dog kennel is for you! This convertible dog crate serves two convenient purposes – it can be assemble as a fully enclosed dog kennel or it can be extended to be used a doggy gate. Essentially, it’s whatever you need it to be, which is why it tops our list for luxury dog crates! On top of it’s convertible features, this crate is easy to assemble, light-weight and can also double as a nice end table for your home.

Crown Pet Products Wooden Dog Crate End Table

4.5 Star Rating out of 286 Ratings (as of article date)

This high quality indoor dog kennel makes a great fit for any home and your pup will love it. It comes in two sizes to fit small to medium sized dogs, as well as large dogs up to 80lbs. It’s luxurious and has well-ventilated with its 360 degree view so your dog won’t feel closed in from the outside. One of the key features that sets this luxury dog suite apart from others is that it has a swing-through entry door so you the door can rotate inside to keep it out of the way when the kennel is not in use. This dog crate is wooden and comes in both espresso and mahogany type finishes so you can find a match that suits your style.

Petsfit Indoor Wooden Dog House with Wire Door

3.9 Star Rating out of 57 Ratings (as of article date)

This adorable indoor dog kennel is the perfect fit for smaller pups. The gray wooden finish and white accents fits in nicely with modern decor styles and neutral tones. It also makes a great kennel for apartment sized living because its lightweight, easy to move around and can double as an end table. With it being an enclosed kennel, it’s perfect for dogs who may get distracted easily and are prone to barking since it helps to block out those distractions, while keeping your pup cozy at the same time. Customers who’ve bought this product love it because it’s easy to assemble, fits in with their modern decor and they can decorate it to make it more custom for their pup. Be sure to check this one out if you have a small dog who needs a cozy home!

ZooVilla Indoor Dog Crate

3.6 Star Rating out of 125 Ratings (as of article date)

For you dog moms who know that style is all in the details, this crisp white dog kennel suite is the perfect fit for you and your pooch! This crate is one of the more stylish indoor dog kennels you can find on Amazon. It boasts three doors, two on the front and one on the side that both secure with metal locks to keep your pup safe inside. It can easily be used for a cute side table in your living room or apartment so you can make the most of any living space. For easy cleaning, it includes a removable tray so you can make sure your dog always has a clean space to rest in. Amazon customers who have purchased this product claim this dog kennel is “clean and classic looking“, “a fabulous, sturdy piece“, and “worth the money“. Don’t forget to make it extra cozy for your pup and check out this plush pet bed perfect for an indoor kennel like this.

Richell Luxury Wooden End Table Crate Large

3.9 Star Rating out of 117 Ratings (as of article date)

Are you ready to save on space? This Richell end table dog crate is a great fit for living spaces of any size because it doubles as a useful piece of furniture for your home. It comes in small, medium and large sizes so not only can you match it to your home space, but you can make sure it’s just the right fit for your pup. The hinged door opens fully making it easier for your pup to get inside and start to call it home. It also comes with a removable sliding tray for easy cleaning to keep this space comfortable for your dog. Many Amazon customers who have bought this indoor crate love it, quoting it as “extremely sturdy and easy on the eye“, “really solid and bolts together quickly and easily“, as well as “well worth the money.” Take a look for yourself at this incredible product and give your pup the home of their dreams!

Luxury Dog Kennels on Amazon: Honorable Mentions

Based on our initial criteria for determining the top rated luxury dog kennels on Amazon, we found quite a few options that nearly made the list – but they didn’t quite have enough reviews to validate the product yet or they didn’t meet the minimum 3.5 star rating. However, we still believe that it’s valuable to have plenty of options to consider when you’re purchasing an item like this for your pup, so we’ve listed out our runner-up luxury dog kennels & crates below.

White Luxury Dog Crate End Table

4.2 Star Rating out of 15 Ratings (as of article date)

This durable dog crate comes in both white and brown colors and is perfect for dogs ranging in size from small to medium. With it’s elegant design, you can place it in your living room and use it as a cute side table or even as night stand in your bedroom if you want your pup to always be close. The double door design allows your pup to go in and out easily, plus making it far easier to clean. It also comes with a padded cushion making it a perfectly comfortable space for your dog’s new home. With it’s ventilated design, your pup will always have access to see what’s going on and you can easily watch them rest in comfort. Amazon customers love this product say they “can’t get over how beautiful it is” and “very sturdy and very easy to assemble.Check it out here and give your dog a home of comfort and style with this indoor crate!

EcoFlex Dog Crate End Table

3.4 Star Rating out of 618 Ratings (as of article date)

For the eco-friendly dog moms out there, this EcoFlex indoor dog crate is for you. This dog crate is made of non-toxic recycled plastic-wood polymer composite material that won’t crack or split. If you’re a frequent mover or just want a durable dog crate that will last, this may be the perfect choice for you and worth the investment. It comes in four different colors – white, espresso, gray and russet, so you’ll be able to match it with any home decor style. One of the best features of this product (along with all the others to boast about) is that it does not require ANY tools for assembly! It also comes with a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty so you can feel assured that you’ll be covered if there are any structural mishaps. While this crate does come in sizes ranging from small to extra large, it is best for dogs who are used to being kenneled and are not prone to trying to escape or break through. With its easily design assembly, it may not withstand aggressive dogs who fight through the front gate structure. Make sure you take a look at the customer reviews to see if this product is the best one for your dog before purchasing!

PolarBear’s Indoor Luxury Wooden Dog Kennel

3.8 Star Rating out of 11 Ratings (as of article date)

Keep your pup cozy in style with this wooden end table pet crate that fits in with any home! This pet crate is best for smaller dogs who still want a spacious area to call home and won’t take up too much room in your home. Amazon customers who have purchased this product claim it as “sturdy and looks nice” and “a nice looking piece of furniture with a dual purpose!

Lovupet Wooden Portable Foldable Dog Crate

3.8 Star Rating out of 8 Ratings (as of article date)

There is something to be said about an indoor dog crate that requires NO assembly! This feature sets this dog kennel apart from all others on Amazon because it’s has only a 1-step assembly process – with no tools required. It’s perfect for dog moms who aren’t as comfortable working with tools or who don’t have the time for multi-step assembly dog crates. Another key benefit to this crate is that it’s easily portable with it’s foldable functionality so you can easily move it from room to room or apartment to apartment if you need to! While it doesn’t have many reviews on Amazon as other products, the customer who have purchased this product enjoy it for it’s “one step fold up design“, “very easy to set up and love the color“, and “worth the cost for something that is pre-made.” Take a look for yourself to see how portable and convenient this foldable dog crate is!

Boomer & George Wooden Dog Crate End Table with Metal Accents

3.9 Star Rating out of 24 Ratings (as of article date)

This metal accent dog crate has such a unique design, which is why we included it on our list! It would make an excellent addition to any home, but particularly if you are interested in rustic, modern design aesthetic. As with all of the other luxury dog kennels on this list, this one can be used also as an end table or night stand in any home. It’s best for smaller sized dogs and puppies with its 27x18x28 inch dimensions, but they will comfortably fit inside with room to spare. Unfortunately there is not a description for this product in th listing, which is why it doesn’t make the top of our list. With its 3.9 rating, Amazon customers who have purchased this product enjoy it for it’s “awesome design“, “materials used are very nice, heavy iron legs and details and real wood, NOT pressed“, and “very well made“. This dog crate is worth a look for it’s durable and aesthetically pleasing design, so check it out here!

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