Tis the season for gift giving! We know it can be stressful to find all the perfect gifts for your friend, relative or special someone in your life. That is, if they made it on the “nice list”. For your dog loving friend, we’ve made it easier for your to find that pawfect Christmas gift. We’ve pulled together our list of pawesome holiday gift ideas for dog lovers so you don’t have to spend so much time scouring stores and the internet for them.

From gifts for the home to dog lover products they cannot live without – we’re certain you’ll find the perfect gift.

1. Heart Shaped Paws Welcome Mat

Shop Now: $20

Help your dog loving friend show off the love they have for their dog with this heart shaped paws door mat designed to delight guests when they your home. It’s made of eco-conscious natural coir fiber making it durable and able to withstand all types of weather. It makes the perfect entrance mat to a lovable home full of a furry, door-greeting friends.

2. Furbo Dog Camera

Shop Now: $149

Ever wonder what your pet does while your away? Hopefully, it doesn’t involve chewing on your favorite pair of shoes, but with the Furbo dog camera you will no longer have to worry! The Furbo Dog Camera is the gift that every dog lover needs this holiday season. You can livestream video of your pup through your phone while your away through Furbo’s 1080 Full HD Camera & night vision. It also boasts a barking sensor so you can get alerts to your phone to know what’s going on at home. The best part of THIS dog camera is that you can toss a treat to your fur-baby through the Turbo app when you’re not even home! How cool is that?!

3. PupRug Memory Foam Orthopedic Dog Bed

Shop Now: $119

Any true dog lover will want to spoil their dog this Christmas – help them out with this luxurious, memory foam orthopedic dog bed that their dog love them for. With it’s ultra soft faux fur cover and pressure relieving memory foam makes it a dog bed of superior comfort.

4. Fashion Dog Carrier

Shop Now: $31.99

There’s nothing better than having a fur-pup with you all the time, except being able to carry them around in a fashionable, stylish dog carrier bag of course. This dog carrier tote makes the perfect gift for the dog lover in your life that adores fashion and convenience.

5. Home Door Mat with Paw

Shop Now: $30

The perfect addition to any home is a welcoming, pawsome door mat, right?! Treat your friend to this cute gift this holiday season so they can welcome their guests in a fur-loving way.

6. You, Me and the Dogs Wooden Sign

Shop Now: $16

Looking for the perfect gift for your dog loving partner or spouse? This wooden home decor sign makes a great addition to any room. Hang it on the wall or place it on your favorite piece of furniture for a decor piece that will make any dog lover smile.

7. Rosa Vila Dog Paw Heartbeat Necklace

Shop Now: $14.80

There’s nothing quite like the bond between a dog and their human. This heartbeat dog paw necklace is the perfect accessory for any dog lover who wants to proudly wear their dog close to their heart. It makes a great gift for any dog lover, but also anyone who is mourning the loss of a pet and wants a nice reminder that they can hold dear to their heart . This necklace comes in silver, gold and rose gold so you can find one that you’re spouse, relative or friend will adore.

8. Pet Fusion Dog Bed

Shop Now: $119.95

Any dog lover wants their fur-baby to be comfortable and cozy when they’re sleeping, this PetFusion memory foam dog bed does just that. It is especially helpful for senior age dogs who need the benefits of reduced join pain and improved mobility so they can get the comforting rest they need. Help your dog loving friend surprise their pup with this one-of-a-kind dog bed.

9. Dog Travel Water Bottle

Shop Now: $14.97

Do you have a dog loving friend who is always on the go or going on adventures with their dog? This dog travel water bottle would be the ideal gift for the adventurous dog lover! The fold cap acts as a water bowl and you simply squeeze the water bottle to fill the bowl, without needing to bring along a second bowl to help your dog have the water they need.

10. Arf Pets Automatic Pet Feeder

Shop Now: $79.99

Help your friend, relative or partner save on time and make feeding their dog easier with this Arf Automatic Dog Feeder. This feeder allows you to dispense different portion sizes per meal and setup distribution alarms which will notify your dog that it’s time to eat. Not only that, but you can record voice messages to your dog so if they’re home alone – they still get to hear your voice tell them it’s dinner time!

11. Silicone Collapsible Dog Bowls

Shop Now: $9.99

Surprise the dog lover in your life with these unique and convenient silicone collapsible dog bowls. One pack comes with 4 different colors, which are BPA free, dishwasher safe and non-toxic. They’re easy to clean, store and pack up for travel if you’re friend is the adventurous type.

12. Dog Leash and Collar Holder

Shop Now: $39.99

Help your dog loving friend stay organized with this decorative leash and collar holder. This piece is handcrafted and made of reclaimed wood, so it’ll go perfect with any rustic style home decor. Hang up leashes, collars or harnesses so they’re cleanly stored but easy to grab when you need them.

13. Dog Gear Travel Bag

Shop Now: $59.99

Treat the dog lover in your life with this awesome, deluxe weekender backpack specifically designed for carrying all the dog items you could possibly need. It has a built in waste bag dispenser, comes with collapsible dog bowls and lined carriers to securely hold dog food or treats. Not only is it convenient, but it’s stylish and will make it so much easier to go on a hike with your pup.

14. Portable Dog Playpen

Shop Now: $28.97

It’s a playpen – for dogs! Any dog owner knows how tough it can be to want to keep your dog in a safe, secure place, but you don’t want to put them in their kennel for that all the time. That’s where a doggy playpen comes in. It’s portable and collapsible for easy transportation. It comes in 3 sizes ranging from Medium to Extra Large so you can find one that suits any type of dog. It easily pops up so there’s no need for assembly. It makes the ideal gift for a dog lover who is always taking their fur-child with them everywhere they go.

15. Life Goal: Pet All The Dogs Tee

Shop Now: $17.99

This funny tee makes the perfect addition to any dog lover’s wardrobe. With it’s cotton blend, it’s soft and comfortable to wear. You can pair it with your favorite jeans or leggings for a casual on-the-go style.

16. Casual Indoor Wooden Dog Kennel

Shop Now: $119

Ditch the ugly, bulky dog kennel for the dog lover in your life and surprise them with this stylish, dog kennel end table! It not only makes for a safe, cozy home for any dog, but also fits in with any living space as a useful piece of furniture.

17. Dog Mama Wine Tumbler

Shop Now: $18.99

What goes together better than dogs and wine? This Dog Mama wine tumbler is the ideal gift for the dog mom in your life who knows that she’s not drinking alone if her dog is home. It’s ideal for wine lovers and dog lovers who want to show off their dog mama title and do it in style. This tumbler comes in 4 different colors, is BPA free and comes with a reusable straw and cleaning brush.

18. Dog Mom AF Bracelet

Shop Now: $13.97

This stainless steel cuff bracelet is the perfect accessory for your dog mom friend who loves to show of their dog mom title. It’s hypoallergenic and won’t tarnish, rust or turn your wrist green. It makes for a great gift or stocking stuffer for anyone who has a furry friend they love.

19. Dog Mother Wine Lover T-Shirt

Shop Now: $16.99

This cute tee is sure to be loved by any dog mom, wine lover. It’s soft, cotton blend makes it extremely comfortable to wear and can be worn at home or as an easy, day-to-day style. Pair it with a nice wine and it makes the perfect gift this holiday season.

20. My Kid Has Paws Coffee Mug

Shop Now: $12.99

Know a coffee lover and a dog lover? Get them a gift that hits them in the feels with this cute, dog mom coffee mug! They can start their day with not only their favorite warm beverage, but be proud of their dog mom title all the while. There’s nothing better than starting a morning off right – this mug will do just the trick.

21. Stay at Home Dog Mom Socks

Shop Now: $9.55

Give the gift of cozy feet to the dog lover in your life! These cute and fun dog mom socks are the perfect stocking stuffer or secret Santa gift for any dog lover. They’re unique, comfortable and will surely be loved by any dog owner who wears them.

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