It’s that time of year where you get to pick any crazy character you want to be AND bring your dog along for the ride too with their own funny costume! That’s why we’ve rounded up our favorite funny dog Halloween costumes that you can find on Amazon so you and your pup can match your costumes and be the talk of the Halloween party!

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1. UPS Pal Dog Halloween Costume

Did you order a pawckage? This adorably hilarious UPS Pal Dog Costume tops the list for funny dog Halloween costumes for obvious reasons. Not only is it amusing, but it easily fastens around your dog’s deck with Velcro and only covers the front two legs making it more comfortable for your pup to wear. The foam visor has an elastic strap that wraps around the head to hold it in place and still allows for mobility. I don’t know about you, but I’d pay extra for my packages to be delivered by this fluffy UPS Pal!

2. Animal Planet Raptor Dog Costume

Give your four-legged friend another set of tiny arms with this hilarious raptor dog Halloween costume! Whether you have a tiny poodle or a large lab, this costume comes in sizes ranging from extra small to large so you can find the best fit for any sized dog. The raptor costume comes with a foam printed head piece and makes for a costume that’s easy to take on and off. Turn your pup into a prehistoric raptor to scare your neighbors this Halloween!

3. Lion Mane Dog Halloween Costume

Turn your dog’s bark into a ROAR with this lion mane Halloween pet costume! This realistic, great fitting costume will turn your dog into the King of the Jungle in your neighborhood this Halloween season. It also makes for an excellent complementing costume if you want to dress up as a lion’s keeper or a safari guide for your own dog mom costume!

4. Wizard Dog Halloween Costume

It’s windgardium levi-o-sa…not levioSAH! Harry Potter fans – this one’s for you. Take your wizard fandom to a new level with this Wizard Halloween costume that’s perfect for your pup this Halloween! This costume comes in all sizes including small, medium, large and extra-large so no matter what kind of dog you have you can find the perfect fit. This costume is breathable and light-weight so it’ll be easy for your dog to wear as they strut their stuff on Halloween night.

5. Mexican Serape Dog Costume

Get your dog ready for a fiesta this Halloween with this Mexican Serape and sombrero dog costume! This rainbow colored dog poncho and headpiece will certainly turn heads at your Halloween party this year. Both the sombrero and the poncho are velcro for easy attachment and removal. It also makes for a super comfortable costume for your dog since it’s lightweight and a comfortable fit. If you’re looking for a complimentary dog mom Halloween costume, don’t miss this tequila shooter costume that’s cute and fun!

6. Beanie Baby Dog Costume Tag

Throw it back to the beanie baby days this Halloween with this epic beanie baby tag dog costume! Not only is it absolutely adorable, but it’s super easy for your dog to wear since it just connects to their collar. It comes in sizes ranging from extra-small to large so you can find just the right one to fit your pup. It’s the perfect nostalgic dog costume and one that your dog is sure to love as well!

7. Supergirl Dog Costume

Dress up your lady dog into a supergirl dog this Halloween with this adorable costume! The shiny blue dress with red skirt will turn all the attention to your pup as she struts her stuff this Halloween. This costume comes in extra small, small, large and extra-large so no matter what breed you have you’ll be able to buy a size that fits perfectly. Not only is this costume lightweight, it’s durable so you don’t have to worry about it ripping or tearing as your dog wears it.

8. Dog Crocodile Costume

Crikey, mate! Turn your pup into a crocodile for the night with this crocodile Halloween costume for your dog! This costume is made of microfiber and velvet, so not only is it comfortable, it’s soft to the touch so your pup is sure to get lots of pets wearing it. The hook and loop fastener allow the costume to be adjustable and also make it easier to put on and remove once the night is over.

9. Beetlejuice Dog Halloween Costume

Throw it back this Halloween with an awesome Beetlejuice costume for your dog! This funny dog Halloween costume comes with a wig and striped jacket with sleeves for your dog’s front legs, along with velcro closure. This dog costume will definitely get attention from onlookers at your Halloween party because of the nostalgia factor, plus the wig and striped jacket make it hard to miss! Pair it with a striped blazer costume of your own for the perfect dog mom matching Halloween costume.

10. Monarch Butterfly Dog Halloween Costume

Cue the cuteness overload! Give your lovable pooch some wings this Halloween with this adorable Butterfly costume for your pup! This costume comes with mini wings and a flower headband that easily slips on your pup’s head and is adjustable. Match it with your own butterfly costume and go to your Halloween party as an epic duo with your fur-BFF!

11. Hula Girl Dog Costume

Keep summer alive with this festive hilarious hula girl costume for your dog! We love this costume because it’s absolutely adorable and funny all in one – how can you not get a kick out of a dog in a coconut bra costume?! Join your dog in the luau party with your own Hula girl costume and dance the night away this Halloween!

12. Robin Dog Halloween Costume

Every Batman needs a Robin and who better to play the role than your sidekick pup?! This Robin Halloween costume for your dog would be the perfect dynamic duo costume for you and your fur-child this coming Halloween night. Gear up in your bat woman costume and save the world with your Robin sidekick this Halloween!

13. Puppy Latte Costume

Did someone order a pup latte?! Well, prepare to amuse every Starbucks fanatic around you (basically, everyone) with this awesome costume. We love Starbucks, so it’s no surprise this costume made it onto our list of funny dog Halloween costumes. Ranging in sizes from small to XL, this costume is comfortable and will fit any dog if you purchase the right size. This funny Pup Latte dog Halloween costume is the perfect costume to complement this basic witch shirt if you’re looking for a casual wear costume this Halloween.

14. Stitch Halloween Pet Costume

Bring this adorable cartoon character to life with this Stitch costume that wears like a coat for your pup! This comfortable costume will keep your dog feeling warm and cozy in the cool Halloween air. It comes in a wide range of sizes from small to 3XL so you’ll definitely be able to find the size that fits your dog best! Make it a dynamic duo with your own costume by going as Lilo, which all you need is a grass skirt and red tank!

15. Wonder Woman Pet Costume

Wonderwoman or Wonderdog? Help your fur-baby live out their superhero dreams with this one-of-a-kind Wonder Woman dog costume! This costume comes with a Wonder Woman symbol headpiece and red dress with blue, sparkly skirt so your furry friend looks just like the real deal! This costume comes in sizes from small to 3XL, so finding the perfect fit won’t be a problem. Pair it with your own Wonder Woman costume and be the superheroes of the Halloween party!

16. Batman Dog Costume

This Batman dog costume is perfect if you have a male dog you need to dress up for Halloween! This costume comes in 4 separate pieces, a headpiece with bat ears, chest piece with Batman logo, black cape and a yellow belt to round it out. Your dog is sure to feel like they can save the world in this costume! Support your dog as a sidekick with this woman’s Robin costume to make you and your dog the superhero team of the night!

17. Guitar Player Dog Halloween Costume

Obviously, if dogs could play guitar we’d sign them up for lessons immediately. But considering they cannot, you can still fulfill our dream band with this dog guitar player costume for this Halloween! There are so many costume options for you to pair up with this one as a dog mom – dress up as pop-star Sia or be a rockstar singer with this adorable outfit.

18. Star Wars Jedi Dog Costume

May the force be with you, young pup. Let your inner Star Wards nerd shine by dressing your dog in this Jedi costume for Halloween! This costume is super easy to get on and off your dog, not to mention very lightweight and comfortable. It comes with a hooded cloak, shirt and belt to make it a full costume. Don’t forget to dress yourself as Princess Leia to complement!

19. Lion’s Mane Dog Halloween Costume – Best Seller

This ridiculously adorable lion’s mane costume is a Best Seller on Amazon and it’s easy to see why. It can turn any puppy into a “ferocious” lion with a simple, furry headpiece! With 160 Amazon reviews, it has a 4.3 rating with many customers touting it for being high quality, soft and makes their pet look super cute! Looking at their pictures, we’d have to agree. This mane is velcro, making it adjustable and easy to slip on and off your pup. Make your pup the king of the jungle for the night and have them look cute doing it!

20. Jack-O-Lantern Halloween Dog Costume

The cutest jack-o-lantern at your house doesn’t just have to be the one you leave on your porch. This funny dog Halloween costume is perfect for your pup who wants a cozy, pajama like costume that’s super easy to wear! It’s made of 100% microfiber and velvet making it super soft so all of your friends will want to pet your fur-baby (not that they didn’t already though, right?!). This costume has a 4.4 rating on Amazon with many customers saying it’s “soft”, “cozy” and “adorable”! Not to mention, at only a $16 price tag, it’s very affordable and you won’t feel bad spending that for one night of entertainment!

21. Cowboy Rider Dog Costume

This hilarious cowboy rider dog costume made our list because not only is it funny, it’s so unique! It’s definitely the type of costume that catches your eye and makes for a good laugh. Not only that, it’s easy for your dog to wear and is adjustable so you can make sure it’s a snug fit, but not too tight where it’s uncomfortable for your fur-baby. This costume has a 4 out of 5 star rating on Amazon with 138 raving reviews. Check it out on Amazon for only $15$

22. Pizza Slice Dog Halloween Costume

Did somebody say, pizza?! This pizza dog costume is an absolute favorite of ours for this list of funny dog Halloween costumes because, of course, who doesn’t LOVE pizza? It’s also immediately funny when you see a dog wearing it and you can’t help but laugh. This funny dog Halloween costume is easy to slip on and off your pup, but not too easy that they’ll wiggle out of it without some work. If you’re feeling “cheesy” and want to make a matching costume set with your pup, take a look at this adult sized pizza costume for your Halloween outfit!

23. Prisoner Dog Costume

Don’t get caught breaking your pup out of jail! This dog prisoner costume is made out of polyester and cotton blend so its lightweight and breathable for your dog to wear. This costume comes with a black and white striped shirt and a cute hat with an elastic band that wraps around your dog’s neck.

24. Business Suit Dog Costume

Dress your dog up for the next business meeting this Halloween with this business suit dog costume. This costume is a full jumpsuit so it’s all one clothing piece making it much easier for your dog to wear and not have anything fall off as they strut their stuff throughout the night. You can have your pup wear it as is, or pair it with a wig to really top off the look!

25. Cupcake Dog Costume

Take your sweet pup to a whole new level by dressing them in this cupcake dog costume! This costume comes with the cupcake bodysuit and matching cupcake hat to complete the look. Your dog will never be seen any sweeter than with this look on Halloween!


These are our favorite funny dog Halloween costumes that you can find on Amazon today as you prepare for all the Halloween festivities this season. If you don’t already have plans, be sure to check out local event calendars in your area and see if they have any dog specific Halloween events or costume contests so you can show off your dog to the world with one of these funny dog costumes! We’d love to see your pictures so be sure to tag us on Instagram and we may just pick you to be featured on our page!