It’s been said time and time again; the coronavirus pandemic is unprecedented and has completely flipped society and our normal way of life on its head. We are now obligated to stay home as much as possible and practice social distancing – which for dog owners means we have far more time to spend with our lovable dogs. Maybe we can see it as a blessing in disguise?

With all of this time spent at home for this long you may be feeling a bit of cabin fever and the same goes for your pup. As dog moms though, we know there is one thing that is 100% proven to make your life more happy and enjoyable: more DOGS!

Now more than ever is the time to foster a dog during coronavirus. That’s why we’ve gathered our top reasons why you should use this time of quarantine to foster a dog.

1. It’s good for you and your dog (if you have one).

If you’re going a bit stir crazy at this point and are struggling to find ways to entertain not only yourself, but also your dog – maybe it’s time to get you and your pup a new friend? By fostering a dog, you are shaking up your current routine (which we imagine is a bit dull right now) to have a new furry friend to take care of. This will give you a new fur pup to love and something extra to do that is enjoyable. This coronavirus pandemic can bring on loneliness as you are self-isolating and a new dog may be your best new emotional first responder. Not only that, you may just be getting your current pup a new best friend!

2. Something to do other than stare at a screen.

One thing that we all are experiencing right now is boredom, which inevitably leads us to staring at our phone for more hours in the day than we’d like to admit. What better way to kill some time than play with a puppy? Dogs can be very time consuming, and a perfect way to spend your extra free time during this coronacation.

3. It’s temporary.

As much as you may love dogs, it is understandable if you don’t have the lifestyle to care for one permanently. Maybe you have a busy job, or you normally couldn’t afford it,  or simply that you’ve never thought about it. Whatever the reason, since most of you are working from home now, you have much more free time to do so! So during this coronavirus time, you can foster a dog, take care of it for a short while, then help it get adopted. Chances are, by the time the pup gets adopted, the pandemic will be over and you will be able to get back to your busy life – no strings attached. 

4. It’s fun!

If you are missing going out with friends right now and having fun, we have good news for you, because dogs are super fun! From playing fetch and tug to cuddling up and watching a movie, there is always something new and exciting to do with your pup. If you’re in need of ideas, we have you covered. So while you can’t go see friends during quarantine, at least you have a furry friend to keep you company!

5. It’s affordable.

We understand that many people may be out of their job temporarily and may think it’s not financially possible to foster a dog during coronavirus. From food to collars to kennels to beds, it can be a lot of money to care for a pup. When you foster a dog though, most shelters and rescues will cover the medical costs of a dog. Some even pay for daily expenses, like food. No need to break the bank!

6. You are saving a life.

Every year, thousands of dogs get euthanized in shelters. This is especially true during the coronavirus pandemic because people are no longer going out to visit shelters to adopt a dog as frequently. Shelters are overwhelmed with handling more animals with fewer staff and resources. Just fostering one dog for a few weeks is saving it’s life and give it a chance to live a happy life with a loving family. That is a small price to pay to make such a big difference in a puppy’s life.


Quarantine is definitely not an ideal situation for anyone. However, this extra time could be used to make a difference in the world. Not only could fostering a dog make your life better, but it could make a dog’s life better.

If you’re interested in fostering a dog during coronavirus, we recommend contacting your local shelters to see how you can start the process. You can also check out this online search tool to find local shelters in your area and what they need during this time. So with this extra bit of free time we have been given, try fostering a dog. You definitely won’t regret it.


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