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Throw on your cozy sweater & grab your pumpkin spice latte because it is finally the best season of the year – FALL! We know you dog moms are ready to take full advantage of this short, but amazing season with your pooch. That’s why we’ve pulled together some of our favorite dog date ideas to do this fall with your fur-baby so you can make the most of it!

1. Visit a pumpkin patch

It’s fall ya’ll! Which means pumpkin spice everything, comfy sweaters, leggings and taking your dog on visit to your local pumpkin patch to really get into the best season of the year. This dog date idea to your nearest pumpkin patch is the perfect day date for you and your pooch. Obviously, you can only pick the best pumpkin if you have you dog’s opinion!

2. Take a road trip for free pup cups & treats

Did you know there are many places that offer freebie treats for your precious pooch?! Head to Starbucks to treat your pup with a free Puppuccino. Or stop by Dairy Queen for your favorite frozen treat and a delicious Pup Cup for your fur-BFF. If you’re feeling like you need a real meal, take a stop at In-N-Out Burger to treat yourself to one of their staple burgers and Pup Patty for your dog, which is a burger patty without the extra salt and seasonings. It’s the perfect way to end an awesome fall day date with your dog! Be sure to check out all of our ideas here for planning the perfect dog day date!

3. Visit a park and play in the fall leaves

You probably remember doing this in your childhood – the leaves fall, you rake them into a giant pile in the yard and spend countless hours running and jumping into them. It’s a favorite past time for all of us dog moms! Relive your childhood and take your pup down memory lane with this perfect dog date idea for fall! Just make sure you don’t accidentally rake in any dog poo into the pile and you’ll be just fine.

4. Go on a hike with your dog to check out the fall colors

The most beautiful scenery all year is when the leaves start changing colors and the horizon is speckled with orange, yellow and red leaves that are changing with the season. Plan a day with your pooch to hike to your favorite spot to get a first hand view of the fall leaves! This dog date idea for fall is both adventurous and scenic, plus you get some fresh air outdoors while it’s still nice out! Spend a Saturday or Sunday exploring the hills or mountains with your fur-baby and then you can both cozy up at home afterwards with a pumpkin spice latte to cap off your day adventure.

5. Do Doga (yoga with your dog!)

Can you combine two of your favorite things – your dog and yoga? YES, of course you can! And it’s called, Doga. This new fitness craze will make the perfect dog date for fall because you can enjoy it outdoors in the cooling weather, plus work in a game of fetch to make your pup happy! Take your favorite yoga mat and throw on a cute tee to get in the spirit for you new favorite fall dog date idea.

6. Visit a dog friendly bar & hangout on the patio

Stop drinking those patio beers alone and take your dog with you! There are so many dog friendly bars these days that it’s almost a must you take your dog with you so you don’t have to worry about them missing all the fun. Many of these dog bars come with some killer amenities like an off-leash park area, doggy day care, vet area and even a spa! Never again do you have to choose between going out for drinks or staying in with your dog. This idea makes the perfect dog day date or night out during this fall season – add it to your least before it gets too cold!

7. Start planning your epic Halloween costumes

In the dog mom world, it’s never too early to start planning your pup’s awesome Halloween costume. Plus, you don’t want to be stuck throwing together a costume at the last minute. Planning your Halloween costume with your dog ahead of time makes for a perfect dog date idea for fall! You can start by finding inspiration for Halloween costumes on Pinterest and Instagram to get the ideas flowing. Whether you’re looking to get crafty or search the internet for matching Halloween costumes, this doggie date idea will have you both getting in the Howl-o-ween spirit!


Whether you’re looking for an adventure or a chill night in the cool fall weather, hopefully these dog date ideas for fall help to show you all the fun that’s to be had with your fur-baby. We can’t think of a better time of year to put all these date ideas into action and make sure you Instagram it along the way! Fall is by far the best time of year – make the most of it with your pup with our dog date ideas to do this fall so you can enjoy it while it lasts!


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