Let it be known – we are suckers for cute & trendy plush dog toys that make for the perfect Instagram picture. There’s just something about spoiling your dog with a toy that’s different from all the rest. Even if they do tear it to pieces within the first 15 minutes. We also love supporting small family businesses that love dogs just as much as we do!

Our friends at Patchwork Pet are creators of some of the cutest dog toys on the market. They are a family based business based out of Southern California and dog lovers just like us. So of course, we want to share their cute & trendy plush dog toys with you to spread the love of this awesome business.

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Here’s our list of dog toy favorites from Patchwork Pet.

Caterpillar Toy

Buy now for $17.99

This caterpillar plush dog toy has cuteness written all over it. It’s also a Patchwork Pet customer favorite because of it’s novelty. So of course, this makes it to the top of our list. This toy comes with 3 squeakers, plus a rattler within its unique design and is sure to be your dog’s new best friend.

Ellie Elephant Toy

Buy now for $18.99

If your dog loves to challenge you to a good game of tug-o-war, this Ellie Elephant toy is the one for you. With it’s long body design and double-stitched material, this toy is not only cute, but durable. It’s bigger in size being 24 inches in length so it makes the perfect toy for dogs big and small.

Dodo The Bird

Buy now for $17.99

The life of a Dodo Bird lives on with this unique plush dog toy. Made with tear-resistant fabric, this toy is made to last. With its large ribbed corduroy fabric, this toy is soft to the touch for when your pup wants a gentle chew toy. It’s recommended for large dogs because of it’s size being 15 inches, but it’s suitable for any dog who wants a new bird friend.

Long Legged Giraffe

Normally $14, but on sale now for $4.99 (as of article date)

You can’t beat a cute giraffe dog toy! This long legged giraffe is perfect for large dogs who want a toy that’s built to last. It’s also on sale for a limited time for $4.99 – don’t miss spoiling your dog and grab yours today.

Flamingo Plush Dog Toy

Buy now for $9.99

What’s a better dog toy for summer than a pink flamingo? This Flamingo plush dog toy is perfect for dogs of all sizes who love a good game of tug. With it’s 24 inch size and durable fabric this toy is sure to last for even the toughest dogs. It also has 4 squeakers and a grunter on the inside making it even more fun for your dog to enjoy.

Octopus Dog Toy

Buy now for $6.99

This adorable plush Octopus dog toy will be your pup’s new best friend. It’s smaller in size, being only 6 inches in length so it’s perfect for small dogs who want a cute new toy to enjoy. It’s made of soft, yet durable material so your dog can play or cuddle with it as they choose.

Sunny The Sunflower

Normally $20, but on sale now for $12.99 (as of article date)

Recommended for large dogs, this Sunny the Sunflower plush dog toy is the perfect Spring vibe toy to spoil your dog with. It’s durable, adorable and your dog will love playing with this unique toy!

Start Spoiling Your Pup

As you can see, Patchwork Pet has some of the cutest plush dog toys on the market which is why we LOVE them. Don’t forget to check out their Dog Mom Quiz as a fun way to find out what type of Dog Mom you are.


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