Alright dog moms, you know you can’t have a good cup of coffee without a good coffee mug to put it in, so we’ve gathered some of the best dog mom coffee mugs so you can start your morning with the perfect mug to represent your dog mom title.

Because let’s be honest – most days it’s not easy to get out of bed in the morning. Maybe you stayed up to watch one more episode of your favorite tv show (Netflix binge, anyone?). Or your pup was barking or hogging the bed all night long, or you simply just didn’t get a good night’s sleep. Whatever your reason may be, the results are the same: a tired, grumpy dog mom. What’s the answer to this epidemic, you ask? Coffee, of course!

Whether you’re looking for a more stylish mug or one that will make you laugh, we’ve picked some of our favorite dog mom coffee mugs so you can find the perfect fit for you.

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Classic Dog Mom Coffee Mug

This cute, classy mug is perfect for any dog mom who wants to add a little elegance to their morning routine. A timeless and simple mug, it’s great purchase for only $11 on Amazon.

Puppy Dog Mom Coffee Mug

This adorable little hand mug speaks for itself. The cute puppy face on the front may be the most adorable thing we have ever seen (besides our own fur-babies of course), and the unique style of the mug only adds to its charm. Along with this, it’s also dishwasher and microwave safe! Buy it for your dog mom bestie or for yourself!

Surprise Dog Mom Coffee Mug

From the outside, this mug just looks like any other simple white coffee mug. But, if you take a closer look, there is a special surprise hidden inside: a cute little ceramic puppy dog sitting in the cup! And it even has a little blue bandana! Seriously, you can’t get better than this. Along with the cute little fluffball in it, this cup is microwave and dishwasher safe! Buy it here for just under $16.

Dog Hair Dog Mom Coffee Mug

As dog moms, we all know the reality of having a furry friend: there is dog hair EVERYWHERE. Clothes, shoes, sofas, tables, food, drinks, literally anything you can think of – there is dog hair on it. You can embrace the dog hair lifestyle with this coffee mug that reads, “Everything tastes better with dog hair in it.” You can buy this mug on Amazon in two different colors. This is definitely a high quality coffee mug for any dog mom who is looking for a relatable coffee mug to start their day with.

Pawsome Dog Mom Coffee Mug

Any dog mom who appreciates a good pun or two will appreciate this creative mug. It’s just a white, simple mug with a dog butt for a handle and a cute saying printed inside it. And for only $13? I’d say that’s a pretty paw-some deal. Buy it on Amazon here.

Custom Dog Mom Coffee Mug

If you are a dog mom to more than one dog, then you will love this customizable coffee mug! You can get up to five dogs printed on this 11oz mug. There are many different backgrounds, and there is even an option to dress your dogs that have passed away with wings and a halo. This is a sweet, sentimental coffee mug that costs about $20 on Amazon. You can purchase it here and add our favorite fur-pup picture to your new favorite mug.

Color Changing Dog Mom Coffee Mug

This mug is just as cool as it sounds. At first glance, it is a black coffee mug with a sleeping dog on it. But as soon as you pour a hot, steaming beverage into it, it turns white and that same sleeping dog wakes up and is ready to play! To add to the fun, printed on the bottom of this mug is a dog mouth that you can only see when you take a drink. This is the perfect dog mom coffee mug for anyone wanting a mug that will make them smile. Buy it here on Amazon.

I Work Hard Coffee Mug

This sums up almost everything us dog moms do for our fur babies, all in one mug. Spoiling our pups is something that we can all relate to, making this a wonderful coffee mug for any dog mom. Start sipping your coffee in style and add this mug to your kitchen favorites.

Dogs Welcome Coffee Mug

Dogs are perfect. People…not always. These are just facts of life, and having them on a mug is all any dog mom has ever wanted. This black and white 18 oz mug can be found on Amazon for $15. You can add this mug to your collection here.

Best Dog Mom Ever Coffee Mug

This ceramic dog mom mug makes the perfect birthday or Christmas gift for the dog mom in your life – or heck, even for you! Fill your morning coffee to the brim with this 11oz dog mom mug that’s easy to grip with one hand while you pet your fur-baby with the other. Buy it today for only $14.99!


These dog mom coffee mugs are sure to start your morning off on the right foot as you sip your favorite beverage. Or if you’re need an extra special gift, every fur-mom loves a good coffee mug. Whatever kind of coffee mug you are looking for to flaunt your dog mom status, you should be able to find the right one for you here!


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