At this point in the quarantine, you’re probably going a bit stir crazy as a dog mom. It’s too bad our dogs can’t enjoy Netflix as much as we do, right?! Well, that’s why we’ve pulled together our ideas for 10 ways to keep your dog busy while social distancing so you can make the most of this time with your fur-baby.

Give them a puzzle toy

Puzzle dog toys, otherwise known as interactive dog toys, are a great way to keep your dog busy while social distancing. A few of our favorite dog puzzle toys include this Outward Hound Puzzle Brick Toy, this Bob-a-Lot Interactive Dog Toy and the well-known Kong wobbler toy. Be sure to check out more of our top recommended puzzle dog toys on our Best Interactive Dog Toys article.


This is an obvious one, but now you likely have more time for it! Take your dog for a walk around the block, play fetch, or let them join you on your next outdoor jog. Taking your dog for a walk or job in the morning will help to tire them out at the start of the day so you can continue working unbothered. Check out these top exercise ideas for you and your dog to stay busy during this quarantine.

Create a dog scavenger hunt

A unique way to keep your dog busy is to create a scavenger hunt for them! Whether inside or outside in your backyard, take their favorite toys and hide them around your home or yard. Then you can make a trail of small treats leading to each toy to help guide them. This is a unique and fun way to switch it up from the standard boredom busters for your dog.

Give them a way to look outside

With any dog that is stuck inside, they want to be able to look outdoors. This will occupy them and give them mental stimulation, even if it means they start barking at people walking by. Make sure that you have a good place setup for your dog to see outside so they can be a watchdog for you and your home.

Foster a dog so they have a friend

There’s no better time than during social distancing to foster a new dog. This will give you time to introduce the foster dog to your own dog, train them and get them acclimated to your home. The best part is that your dog will now have a new friend to play with and they’ll keep each other busy all day. Not only that, but shelters across the United States are begging for adopters because social distancing measures have kept people inside and not able to visit shelters to adopt. This could eventually lead to more euthanized pets if they aren’t adopted or fostered until this quarantine is over. If you can use this time to foster a new dog, we highly recommend it.

Freeze a toy or treat

Fill a coffee can or Tupperware container full of water (or chicken/beef broth for a tasty treat), take your dog’s favorite toy or treat and freeze it in the container for a fun new way to keep your dog occupied during the day. You can place the frozen treat outside so it doesn’t leave a mess in your house and it will keep your dog occupied until it melts or they’ve licked their way to the treat! Check out this doggy popsicle recipe to get started.

Start a TikTok for them

One thing that has definitely come out of social distancing is the influx of TikTok accounts being created, not just for humans but also for their pets. Take your chance at TikTok fame and start your dog a TikTok account to make fun videos to share with others. This will not only keep your dog entertained, but you as well!

Take them for a car ride

One of my pup and I’s favorite activities is to go for a car ride when the sun is out and the weather is nice. He loves to stick his head outside the window and feel the wind in his fur. It’s an easy activity for you both to enjoy and to kill plenty of time. Take your pup for a drive around the lake, through a state park or simply through your town.

Visit a dog park

Of course one of the top activities you can do while still social distancing is take your pup to the dog park. While there may be other dog owner’s here, it will be important to keep an appropriate distance between you and them, but your dog can be free to roam the park unleashed and burn off some energy.

Teach them new tricks

While you’re stuck inside, what better way to spend your time than teaching your dog some cool new tricks? This is a great time to work on their sit, stay, rollover tricks and also teach them cool new tricks like ‘speak’, ‘hug’, ‘shake’ and many others. Take a look at these 27 dog tricks you can teach your pup today to inspire you and your pup.


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